Care For Children International, Inc.


is a 501(c)(3) Charity which began as an outreach by Ronald S. Federici, Psy.D., ABPNH for the millions of children around the world who are unable to be helped via adoption. With the work of the gifted individuals of Neuropsychological and Family Therapy Associates, NFTA, and many other dedicated professionals and volunteers from various medical disciplines, it has been possible to provide Comprehensive Assessments, Innovative Treatments, and de-institutionalization for hundreds of children worldwide. Your donations to this amazing work are greatly appreciated by children living in the most deplorable conditions imaginable.

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Dr. Ronald Federici

Medical Team
Dr. Ronald Federici

Dr. Dana Johnson
Dr. Lisa Albers
Dr. Jane Aronson
Dr. Anna Mandalakas
Dr. Pat Mason
Dr. Amy Pakula
Dr. William Ling
Dr. Julie Bledsoe
Dr. Phillip Pearl
Dr. Charles Zeanah
Dr. Dean Storer
Dr. Dennis Cozzens
Dr. Maria Tartaglia
Wendy Schmidt
Dr. Edward Philpot
Dr. Bill Waters
Dr. Scott Faber
Dr. Kay Dole
Dr. Sandy Iverson
Dr. Carol Weitzman
Dr. Robert Sbordone
Dr. Maria Tartaglia
Dr. Edward Philpot
Dr. Rene Hoksbergen
Dr. Stephen Mott
James Taylor
Dr. Deanna Linville  

Romanian Team
Dr. Cristian Tabacaru
Dr. Dan Popescu
Cristian Bizdoaca
Dr. Ion Mydaniuc
Dr. Francisc Gampe
George Gaspar

To All Medical Consultant and Volunteers of Care for Children International, Inc. (CCI)
(formerly named “Romanian Orphans Connection”)

  As our International Humanitarian Aide group has expanded to programs world wide, we are proud to announce a formal name change from “Romanian Orphans Connection” to a more appropriate title reflecting our global work: “Care for Children International, Inc.”.  Our team of medical specialists and volunteers have been working extensively in Eastern Europe for many years, particularly Romania, but have now branched out and are working on projects throughout Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia in the near future.

  Care for Children International, Inc. (CCI), is a fully licensed and chartered 501-3-C Non-Profit Corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia (License # 0536488-0).  Dr. Ronald Steven Federici, Developmental Neuropsychologist, continues as President and Chief Executive Officer and is proud to announce an expansion of the medical team and international consultants reflected on our letterhead.

  Our group of highly specialized experts from various disciplines have years of experience in working with the most severely damaged children residing in institutional settings.  We are frequently called upon by various governments and other humanitarian aide organizations to work in unison by providing expert medical and psychiatric consultation with an ultimate goal towards deinstitutionalization and general child welfare reform. 

  Most all of us have worked together for many years in some of the toughest conditions and have achieved tremendous outcomes due to our humanitarian medical and psychiatric institutional evaluation and triage programs.  We have been able to work effectively in deinstitutionalizing children and placing them in more appropriate placements such as foster care, rehabilitation facilities, group homes, or even with adoptive families.  Through our collective work, we have been able to change many of the children’s “severely handicapped and irrecuperable” status to a status which allows them the opportunity to move forward in life with greater supports and independence.

  It is my, and hopefully, our mutual goals and objectives to continue to bring about significant change to the institutional crisis children face world wide, particularly in Eastern Europe.  We have been well received by various governments and will continue to push forward and forge new and stronger relationships for the benefit of children in desperate need of medical and psychiatric care. We have also forged a very strong collaborative working relationship with other international charities who are both strong in orientation and grant writing in addition to having world renowned status. 

  We always welcome new members and specialists from all disciplines to join our team.


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